Why Backlinks Matter for Your Site

A large part of SEO is establishing good quality links pointing to your website, known as backlinks.  These little links are actually very important to the SEO of your site. Although Google never really say what they are looking for in terms of ranking, we all know that backlinks are used to help figure out where your site should be positioned on the search results page.

Backlinks can be gained in a number of ways, some more effective than others.

A classic way to get a backlink is for another website or company to simply mention your site in an article or blog post. They then link to your site, and voila, you have a backlink. The great thing about this kind of link is that Google sees these as being very safe and positive for ranking.

Another way, which is now frowned upon in SEO world, is that of buying mass backlinks to your site.  Many years ago, companies used to pay for thousands of backlinks to their site from websites often based in India or China.  Google back then did not see this as an issue, and it enabled lots of poor quality sites to rank for valuable keyword phrases.

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