SEO stands for search engine optimisation.  It is a way for websites to be seen more readily on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Most businesses will benefit from applying SEO techniques to their websites, as it enables more customers to find their site.

Business websites want to rank higher on Google because this means more people can find their site, using ordinary search terms which describe the products or services they sell.  It is important to get your site into the first page of google to see more clicks and hence more conversions.



Google ranks websites based on a range of different factors, known as Ranking Factors.

These are not fully understood, because Google keeps a lot of the ranking algorithm secret!  We know that the following are certainly influencers for ranking positions:

  1. On-site SEO such as heading tags, title tags and formatting
  2. Content of the pages – the text which is written must use keywords
  3. Backlinks – linking sites which mention your site and include a hyperlink to your pages.