1. Domain Registrations

When taking advantage of a ‘free domain’ with any relevant hosting plan offer, you acknowledge that the domain will remain the property of Kiriix Ltd for a period of 180 calendar days after the domain has been registered. If the associated hosting account is cancelled, terminated, suspended or renamed to another domain and you wish to keep/use this domain by either changing the name servers, pointing the domain to another hosting provider, transferring the domain to another hosting provider then a release fee of £9.95 will be charged and the cost of the domain.
You agree that the domain included with your hosting is built into the price of your hosting account and the price of that needs to be re-couped when possible.

2. Domain Renewals

Kiriix does all it can to ensure domains are renewed in a timely manner, particularly free domains supplied with hosting accounts. However it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that their domain is renewed on time, even if it is a free domain supplied with a hosting account. When a domain goes out of registration for more than 30 days a redemption fee is put upon the domain by our registrar (not us).

There could be a redemption fee and must be paid if the domain is going to be renewed. The domain will already have been out of use for a 30 day period by the time this happens, if the domain stops working suddenly it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us within 30 days of it stopping working, at which point we will renew it for free. For domains that are left past 30 days and have had the redemption fee added by our domain registrar, Kiriix Limited unfortunately cannot be held responsible to pay the redemption fee, the customer must pay this if they want their domain renewed for a further year.

3. Auto Renewals

When you first sign up for your domain name, your account will be enabled with autorenew. This mean that when your renewal date arrives, your domain will be renewed automatically. If you wish to not have this happen, and you would not like to renew your account you must cancel 30 days prior to your renewal date. If you have any questions as to when your renewal date is, simply login to http://www.krxhosting.co.uk/ and check ‘My Domains’ or contact us by opening a ticket at http://www.krxhosting.co.uk/ or emailing support@krxhosting.co.uk.

4. Your Personal Information

When you order a domain name(s), you give us your personal information – such as your name, address, phone number. This is transmitted across the Internet to our server via a secure connection which is used to encrypt sensitive data.
Except for the cases below We will not sell, lend, or make available your personal information to any third party in any way unless given a court order to do so.

Please be aware that when you register a domain name your personal details may be visible when a user of the internet performs a ‘WHOIS’. You can hide this data by signing up for ‘Domain Privacy’ during the sign up process.

Please be aware that when you register a .UK domain, Nominet will be given your name, address and phone number. This is in line with their Terms and Conditions for domain registration – these Terms & Conditions can be read here: http://www.nominet.org.uk/registrants/aboutdomainnames/legal/terms/