Choosing Where to Target Your SEO Efforts

SEO can be undertaken on any website to get it ranking for particular search phrases. Businesses do not always know where they want to target their SEO the most, and can end up wasting money on ineffective campaigns. Here are some different ways to figure out exactly where to focus your marketing efforts for your site:

Think about your target audience: if you have a small business, it is highly likely that you want to get your customers from a particular location. This could be specific towns and cities, or it could be within a particular radius of your address. Depending on how much you want to travel, or how many people you have working for you, you may be able to extend your locations out further to obtain more clients.

Larger businesses often have a network of offices or more availability to service clients in a much wider area. For instance, a national company would want to target a national SEO campaign. Some businesses even want to offer services abroad, where international SEO can be helpful!

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