1. Signups and Fraud

All our signups go through a stringent fraud detection process.
Our verification department could cross-check all the information given during the signup. This is done to establish that the account holder is aware of what they have purchased as also the fact that the signup has been made with their knowledge.
All the accounts are setup only after confirming the genuinity of the signup.

2. Payment Methods

All charges are shown in GBP i.e. ££ .. Payments are to be made in GBP.

We accept the following types of payment:
– Debit/Credit Card – Charges may apply
– PayPal – Charges may apply
– Electronic Bank Transfer
– Standing Order (Monthly services only)
– We no longer take payment by cheque

3. Billing Cycles

Our billing cycles are as follows:
– Domain names – annual and bi-annually
– Hosting packages – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual
– Dedicated and Virtual servers – monthly
– Licensed services – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual
– All other will be detailed at the time of the order

4. Cancellations

To cancel a product or service, the client must log in to their account at https://billing.krxhosting.co.uk/clientarea.php and fill in ‘Request for Cancellation’ form.

We require that cancellations of service are done through the online form to:
– confirm your identity
– confirm in writing you are prepared for all files/emails to be removed
– document the request

This process reduces the likelihood of mistakes, fraudulent/malicious requests, and ensures you are aware that the files, emails, and account may be removed immediately after a cancellation request is processed.

All monthly services require one (1) months’ notice or one (1) month invoice will be issued on any service that is cancelled with immediate effect that has not had any notice given on.

5. Payments, due dates and reminders

– All charges for the services are monthly (unless stated otherwise) and are payable in advance
– All payments are due on the due date, as shown on the invoice
-Invoices are generated by the system automatically, 30 days before the renewal date for quarterly, semi-annual, annual and bi-annual services and 7 days before the renewal date for monthly services.
– No credit or any other payment terms are given, other than detailed in these terms
– A reminder could be sent out automatically 1 day before the due date
– All invoices will become overdue on the 4th day after the due date
– A reminder of non-payment will be sent on the 5th day after the due date
– A 2nd reminder of non-payment will be sent on the 7th day after the due date
– A 3rd reminder of non-payment and notice of suspension will be sent on the 10th day after the due date
– Late payment fees, of £10, may apply from the 10th day after the due date
– The account may be suspended on/after the 10th day after the due date
– On the 14th day after the due date, an e-mail of collection will be issued, which will include a 7 day notice of small claims proceedings
– Interest of 8% may be added to the outstanding balance on the 21st day after the due date
– On the 21st day, of the unpaid service, the company could terminate the package and all data held on our servers could be DELETED PERMANENTLY and a claim will be opened for the full amount outstanding.(mostly applies to but not limited to Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers and Backup accounts)

6. Recurring invoices

All recurring invoices are requested to be paid by standing order, monthly invoices are automatically generated from our system 7 days prior the due date, annual and bi-annual invoices are generated 30 days before the due date.

7. Billing Information

You can update your billing/account information from the Client Area, here https://billing.krxhosting.co.uk/clientarea.php

If in case , you do not have the access to change for some of the information, you need to contact our Support Department which can be found on our support page, and the changes would be done in 12 working hours.

Periodically it may become necessary for us to contact our client regarding account status. If the information provided to us is not current, it may lead to a failure to receive notices.

CLIENTS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for keeping all personal and billing information current at all times.
We are not responsible for actions that are taken as a result of a client’s failure to respond to our notices.

8. Queries or Clarifications

Please email support@krxhosting.co.uk for any further queries or clarifications.